Our mission is to teach and promote an understanding of the principles of constitutional government and the rule of law embodied in the United States Constitution as written, established, and promoted by the original Founding Fathers, together with proper regard for its subsequent amendments. 

We hope to do so as we help people explore and teach American History with emphasis on the founding of the American system of government and viewed through the lens of the historical documents and literary legacy of the United States of America’s founding generation. Doing so will require our instructors research and educate concerning the lives, beliefs and practices of America’s Founders, and the basic beliefs upon which America was founded, so that they may teach those principles and morals to others.

What makes the Columbus Center for Constitutional Studies unique is our focus on reaching out to non-native English speakers or other groups with limited access to the relevant educational materials. We will reach this audience by providing access to materials in non-English languages by translating and publishing documents and educational manuals, as well as sponsoring various on- location, recorded and streamed seminars.

We invite all who feel similarly to learn and join with us in our mission to establish the beacon of liberty across the globe.

In addition to original documents and records, such as The Federalist Papers, Common Sense, The Second Treatise on Government, Democracy in America, and The Law, our primary course materials include the 5,000 Year Leap Student Edition and the Making of America Student Edition.

Organization Leadership


Dr. Glenn J. Kimber, PhD

Dr. Glenn Kimber is the founder of the Columbus Center for Constitutional Studies. He holds two Doctorate degrees, one in Constitutional Studies from Coral Ridge Baptist University and his second in education from George Wythe College.

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