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Constitutional Studies

  • Principles of Freedom 101: Basic Principles of the Constitution
  • Principles of Freedom 201: God’s Hand in the Building of America
  • Principles of Freedom 202: The Founders’ Charter of Freedom
  • Principles of Freedom 301: The Making of the Constitution
  • Principles of Freedom 302: Understanding the Legislative Branch
  • Principles of Freedom 303: Understanding the Executive Branch
  • Principles of Freedom 304: Understanding the Judicial Branch
  • Principles of Freedom 305: The Union of the States and the Amendment Process


  • History 101: The Roots of America
  • History 102: The Influence of Religion in America
  • History 207: Christopher Columbus: Man of God or Man of Myth?
  • History 210: The Middle East in History and Prophecy
  • History 211: From the Atlantic to the Pacific: The Impact of the Panama Canal
  • History 230: Insights into the Life of Thomas Jefferson
  • History 231: Insights into the Life of George Washington
  • History 232: Insights into the Life of Benjamin Franklin
  • History 233: Insights into the Life of James Madison
  • History 234: Insights into the Life of John Adams
  • History 235: Insights into the Life of Samuel Adams
  • History 320: Towards a One-World Order

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